My Story


I’m a US Air Force veteran, wife, mother of three and STEM professional. I was raised in a small town in rural Illinois where cow tipping was a real thing. I never participated in such activities, but I still enjoyed the lifestyle and the great sense of community that exists in rural America.  

I was drawn to technology at a very young age and was the go-to person when anyone had a problem with their computer. To this day, there is usually a stack of devices for me to fix when I go visit family. Growing up, I was eager to serve our country, so I graduated from high school early and enlisted in the Air Force when I was 17 years old.  Serving in the United States Air Force allowed me to combine my passion for technology with my desire to serve, and I worked as a network/systems administrator during my time on active duty. It was the Air Force that brought me to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson 14 years ago, where I met my husband, Antoan. After we separated from the Air Force, we had already fallen in love with Arizona and Tucson and decided to stay here to build our family.

I have now worked in the cyber/technology industry for 18 years. I am currently in leadership in an Agricultural Technology company where I lead a team of software developers and quality assurance engineers. My team works to address environmental issues, like water quality, using software and models. I love that I get to apply my experience in technology to address the environmental issues I am passionate about.

I used my GI bill to earn my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with a minor in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management, from the American Military University in 2011. I returned to American Military University to earn my MBA in IT Management, graduating with honors in 2016.

In 2016, I was a Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) finalist. The PMF program is a competitive, prestigious two-year training and development program run by several US government agencies. In 2017, I graduated from Greater Tucson Leadership program, where I led our successful class project supporting Youth on Their Own, a local dropout prevention program in LD-10 that supports the high school graduation and continued success of homeless, unaccompanied youth in Pima County.

I now serve as a Region Lead for Save Our Schools and as Treasurer of my Homeowner’s Association, serving over 1,200 households in my neighborhood. My energy and drive to serve the residents of LD-10 will not stop anytime soon, which is why I want to continue the fight in Phoenix as your state representative. My family, my greatest source of motivation and support, is so excited to take on this journey with me. My husband is also an IT professional and we have three amazing children together, Kyan (12), Kadyn (10), and Athena (5). We love living, working and playing in LD-10, and I can’t wait to work on behalf of the city and residents who have made this home.